Residential Door Glass Repairs: 4 Crucial Benefits of Using a Professional

Broken or shattered door glass is not only unpleasant to look at, but also can cause bodily injury in addition to compromising the security of your home. Because of these reasons, you will need someone to replace them promptly, cost-effectively, and without guesswork. Here are a few reasons why you should always entrust door glass repairs to a professional. Unmatched Craftsmanship Nobody beats professional glass repairers with regards to the quality of workmanship that they can deliver to homeowners. [Read More]

How to Repair a Chip in a Glass Pipe

Glass has been used to create smoking pipes for decades. In contrast to smoking pipes made of clay or wood, glass does not take in any flavours produced by the tobacco. Glass pipes can sustain cracks due to misuse. Rather than seeking a new glass pipe replacement, it is possible to repair such cracks. The good thing is that the layman can repair these cracks on their own. Using a glass repair kit, you should be able to fix the structural damage and diminish any cosmetic chip to the glass pipe. [Read More]

Top 3 Secrets to Extending the Life of Your Double Glazed Window

If you have invested in double glazed windows, it is worthwhile to maintain them in top shape to minimize the effects of wear and tear, traffic fumes and weather elements—which can shorten the life of these products. For longevity and efficiency of your glazed windows, learn these secrets. 1. Clean and Lubricate All Moving Parts on Annual Basis All moving parts should always be kept clean and lubricated. Here is the procedure on how to go about it: [Read More]

Easy-to-follow Steps on Preparation of the Surface and Installation of the Splashback

So your kitchen looks dull, and it's stressing you so badly thinking which is the best way to improve its style? Worry no more! Instead, consider installing a colored glass splashback behind the sinks and cookers to create a different and attractive kitchen. This article provides simple DIY (do it yourself) steps to follow when preparing the kitchen walls for the installation of glass splashbacks and the right way to install them. [Read More]