Benefits Of A Glass Shower

When renovating your bathroom, one of the most critical decisions to make is what shower enclosure to install. What you choose will impact the area's functionality and aesthetics. A glass shower is one option that brings a raft of benefits. Read on to discover more about shower screens.

Creates A Spacious Feeling

Glass showers evoke a sense of space and airiness in a bathroom. While the screens provide a physical barrier to contain water, they don't form a visual block. Your eyes can roam to all corners of the room, giving the sense of greater expanse. Frameless designs with little metal framing to define the boundaries become almost invisible, so these models are the best option for smaller bathrooms. You can increase its seeming proportions solely with your choice of shower.

Provides Shape Options

No matter, though, whether your area is generous or compact, you can customise your glass shower's size and shape to get the best out of your bathroom. You might have three tiled walls enclosing the bathing area, in which case a fixed glass panel and door can complete the design. Alternatively, a square, rectangle, hexagonal or curved structure can fence off a corner of the room. Rounded and angled structures save space, perfect for tight fits. A fixed panel that fences off a wet area or barricades a bath reduces clutter, creating a minimalist, clean effect.

Allows For Alternate Doors

Different door options let you maximise your bathroom's functionality. Swinging doors require arc area to open and are best left to larger rooms. Sliding and bi-fold models, though, move neatly to one side, taking up less room. For a broader access area, the folding action of concertina doors moves further.

Offers Glazing Possibilities

With glass showers, you can customise the glazing in numerous ways either to create decorative effects or to ensure privacy. Low-iron screens shine with extra clarity, without the characteristic green cast of standard glass. This approach is ideal if, for instance, you want to show off beautiful, cream-flecked granite tiles within the enclosure. 

However, if you love the sleekness of glass but would prefer more privacy, select from a vast array of frosted glazing. Either choose even smooth satin finishes for a gorgeous muted effect that reduces glare or install decorative frosting. Select from delicate, intricate patterns or go with modern linear stripes for a clean result. You can adjust the degree of transparency to suit your preferences also. Thus, the embellished shower screens can be quite opaque for almost total cover or show shadows and general forms only. The choice is up to you.