Addressing Common Concerns About The Use Of Glass On Front Doors And Entrances

If you're building a new home or renovating an old one, you're probably aware of the importance of choosing the right front door and entrance features. Using glass as part of the door or as a surround for the front door is a very popular choice for homeowners because of the modern look that it achieves and the way it allows natural light to enter what is often a dark part of a home.

However, some people are concerned about using glass on their front door because they have concerns about security, privacy, or heat loss. Here are some ways you can address these concerns:


Because the front door is your home's entrance to the outside world it needs to be strong enough to make you feel secure and prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home unlawfully. For this reason, you may be concerned that glass isn't strong enough to provide this security and is vulnerable to being smashed by intruders.

Fortunately, this situation is easy to remedy. Make sure that any glass that is used on your front door or entrance is specially toughened glass which is able to withstand the most forceful attempts to break it. Glass that is impregnated with very strong, but nearly invisible, steel reinforcement is now also available for even more added peace of mind.


If your front door is very visible from the street or the front door opens directly into a living space in your home then you may be concerned about the lack of privacy that using glass creates. This is a very common concern but also one that can be easily addressed.

Frosted glass is a good option because it can't be seen through but still allows the natural light to enter your home. If you don't like the look of frosted glass then you can use glass that has inbuilt blinds within the glazing. This is an excellent option if you'd like to be able to control the visibility level of your front door and entrance.

Heat loss

If you live in a cool climate then you may be concerned about the amount of heat loss that glass in or around your front door will facilitate. The larger the amount of glass, the more potential for a large amount of heat loss which will mean keeping your home warm will be more difficult and more costly.

Using double glazed windows is the simplest solution. A pocket of air is left between the layers of glazing which acts as excellent insulation against heat loss. It also works well in the hotter months to keep the external heat out of your home. In areas that get very cold winters, you may even prefer triple glazed glass. Triple glazing is very popular in European countries where temperatures reach sub-zero levels regularly.

If it's not possible to find a door containing glass that addresses your concerns then it's worth contacting a glazier. They will be able to re-glaze your front door and surround using the specialised glass that you require. Contact a company such as Stevens Glass Pty Ltd to learn more.