Must Have Tools for Freelance Windscreen Repair Technicians

If you have worked in the automobile industry, especially in repairs, you may have decided that owning your own business would work better for you than working with a company. If this is the case, you may have decided to start your own windscreen repair technician business. This means having a few must have tools that would normally be supplied by a company or auto repair shop. Here are a few of those must have tools you should consider.

Curing Lamp

One of the key must-have tools you will need for your windscreen repair business is a curing lamp. This lamp should be large enough to cover the entire area of the windscreen and be as efficient as possible. Curing times will vary depending on the resin you use. You want to cure the resin as quickly and easily as possible so your client can get back on the road as soon as possible. Not only does this help the client, it allows you to move to the next car as soon as possible, so you can take on more clients. 

Crack Jack

A crack jack is a dual sided suction cup that can help you remove the glass or repair long cracks on windscreens. The crack jack holds the area in place and keeps it stable for the resin to be applied. You can find crack jacks in various sizes or in a multi-use size that can expand for various sizes of windscreens as well as car make and model styles. You can also find crack jack kits that include crack jacks for long cracks as well as corner cracks. These kits would be an ideal option if you want to handle as many types of windscreen repair issues as possible.

Razor Scraper

One item you may not think of is a razor scraper. This scraper is used to shave off the excess resin that may still be present after the curing lamp has finished. It will be one of your last steps in the process of windscreen repair to ensure the windscreen is clear and safe for the driver. Scrapers come in various sizes and having multiple sizes will ensure you can handle larger areas of resin removal easily.

These are just a few of the must have tools you will need for a freelance windscreen repair business.  If you are ready to move forward, make a list of the tools you have used in the past and ones that you would like upgrades for before you start your business. Add these items to your list to create the ideal windscreen repair kit for your needs. 

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