Art of Glass: 4 Ways to Create a Unique Splashback

While the humble kitchen splashback might be primarily utilitarian, it also provides an opportunity to inject some personality into the home. Glass splashbacks are exceptionally functional; they are heat-resistant, easy to clean, and can fend off just about any food stain you can think of, but with a little lateral thinking and imagination, can also become a focal point. Forget plain! Get creative and let your imagination run wild:

Rainbow styling

Are you passionate about fire-engine red? Mad for ocean blue? Embrace your love of colour by including it as a background to a glass splashback. Technology now enables the creation of an enormous array of colours that can be used to colour a splashback. In an otherwise stark white or subdued, neutral room, a bold and vibrant splash of colour is easily incorporated with a splashback. Placed behind resilient, clear glass, a striking background colour is an effortless way to brighten and open up the space.

Picture perfect

Even more innovative is the use of a photo as a splashback background. If you have a portrait of your kids at the beach, a photo of fireworks in Paris or a sunset snap that you've always loved, you can immortalise it in a practical way. While a canvas or blown-up image is a nice addition to the lounge, using a photo for a splashback is a way to enjoy your handiwork every day in a high-traffic area, and is sure to be a talking point when you have visitors over for coffee.

A familiar pattern

Similarly, if there is a digital image or even wallpaper print that you would love to incorporate into your home but aren't sure how, a splashback could be your answer. It doesn't have to be stripes or spots: from rolling hills to sweeping waves, to a painting of the Eiffel Tower or the New York streetscape, this is a perfect way to put a unique touch into your kitchen. If you want to make a bolder statement, using the colours of your footy team is a sure-fire way to attract attention!

On the surface

Textured glass is brilliant for creating a one-off splashback. You can turn your splashback into a feature with glass that resembles water droplets, filigree patterning or even the surface of the moon. Slumped glass splashbacks are enticing in a tactile manner, as well as being visually intriguing, so they really offer something special. You can opt for a plain-coloured glass if the pattern is strong enough for you, or alternatively select from a range of colours to take it one step further in creating a unique splashback.

Glass is the perfect medium for exploring your creative side and uniting aesthetic appeal with functionality in the kitchen. This hardy, long-wearing and safe surface is highly versatile - the only challenge for you is choosing between your favourite colour and most-loved photo. To learn more, contact a company like Professional Glass & Maintenance with any questions or concerns you have.