Benefits of Installing Double-Glazed Windows in Your Home

Are you wondering if it's worthwhile installing double-glazed windows in your home? To learn more about some of their benefits, read on.

Lowers Energy Bills

Double-glazed windows will make your home more energy-efficient, and as a result, you'll enjoy lower energy bills. Because of the unique structure of two glass panes with an intervening gap, heat moves through these windows much less quickly than with a single pane. Double-glazed units will block the sun's heat from baking your home in summer. And they'll obstruct indoor winter warmth from escaping so freely. With a better-insulated building, you can turn down both air conditioning and heating while maintaining a comfortable indoors. 

Conversely, single-pane windows force you to crank up cooling and heating. In summer, the air conditioning will work harder to counteract inefficient windows. Similarly, in winter, your heaters will do likewise.

Offers Customisation Options

Not all double-glazed units are the same. You can customise these windows to meet your specific needs. For example, you could fit acoustic-grade glass to tone down the noise of a busy neighbourhood. If you live in a hot climate region, you could install low-E glass in one of the panes to deflect solar heat gain and keep your home cooler.

The air in between the two glass sheets can be filled with air. Alternatively, it can be filled with argon gas, which further slows heat movement, making the window more efficient still. Other factors which you can customise are the glass thickness and the width of the intermediate space. Thicker glass, in general, is more efficient, as is a wider gap between the two panes.

Allows for Open Window Coverings

Double-glazed units allow you to open your window coverings and enjoy an outside view. If the windows are fitted with standard single panes, you may be forced to draw the curtains, lower the blinds or close your window shutters on a hot day. Of course, then, you're shutting up your home to a potentially gorgeous day to keep it a comfortable temperature. However, if you have double-glazed windows to do your insulating work, you can maintain a bright open home. In this way, efficient windows help you to create a more pleasant indoor atmosphere and environment.

Thus, double-glazed residential glass windows create more energy-efficient homes, helping you lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. They offer a range of customisation options so you can install the best version for your needs. Plus, you'll enjoy a more open home, not having to close window coverings to outside heat.