What Factors Determine The Longevity of Windscreen Replacements?

One of the best things you can do after your old windscreen is damaged beyond repair is to invest in a replacement. This way, you will be safe while driving and keep environmental elements like wind, dust, rain, bugs and UV rays at bay.

Since windscreen replacement is costly, it is vital to ensure you get value for your investment. This can be attained by considering certain factors before and after the windscreen is replaced. This post will outline some of these factors so you can ensure your windscreen lasts longer after replacement.

Quality of glass used

The quality of the windscreen you buy will determine its longevity. Experts already know this, and that's the reason they always recommend purchasing high-quality windscreens even if they come at a high price. After all, such screens last longer and offer that much-needed protection while you're driving.

On the other hand, low-quality screens can easily pop out, and the airbag pressure can blow it out quickly. Besides, if an accident occurs, the windscreen won't be sturdy enough to prevent passenger ejection from the vehicle. Therefore, invest in the best windscreen the market can offer to avoid these issues.

Care after installation

Once the windscreen is installed, care measures should be taken to ensure the new screen is protected. For instance, the first two hours tend to be critical, so car owners shouldn't drive the vehicle. If the car is moved right away, the screen could be dislocated, so wait for the glue to harden so the windscreen can stick to the other car parts properly.

You should not wash your vehicle for a few days after a windscreen replacement. The high-pressure washers can easily dislocate the wet glue and prevent it from drying properly. If you must wash the vehicle, then you should do so by hand.

It would be best if you were extra cautious when closing and opening the door after the windscreen is replaced. Slamming the doors frequently causes a pressure increase in the cabin, which will weaken the windscreen, hence reducing its lifespan.

Driving conditions

Your driving style and road conditions will also affect the longevity of the windscreen after installation. Therefore, you will need to be more careful while driving your vehicle. Do not accelerate or brake drastically unless it's an actual emergency. Doing this exerts a force which can dislocate the windscreen. Be gentle while going over uneven roads or speed bumps to avoid shifting the adhesive.

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