Top 3 Secrets to Extending the Life of Your Double Glazed Window

If you have invested in double glazed windows, it is worthwhile to maintain them in top shape to minimize the effects of wear and tear, traffic fumes and weather elements—which can shorten the life of these products. For longevity and efficiency of your glazed windows, learn these secrets.

1. Clean and Lubricate All Moving Parts on Annual Basis

All moving parts should always be kept clean and lubricated. Here is the procedure on how to go about it:

  1. Open the casement as far as it will go
  2. Dampen a clean cloth in a cleaning solution ( comprising of white vinegar and water)
  3. Clean any discoloration, tarnish or stubborn spots from the brass hinges
  4. Use a wire wool to remove any stubborn mark or corrosion
  5. Soak the cloth in water and wipe clean all the moving parts
  6. Dry the hinges using a cloth that is not damp
  7. Using a spray bottle, spray the moving parts with lubricant
  8. Open and close the window for several times to work the lubricant into the hinges and the locking system

It is advisable to use a good lubricant because, unlike the ordinary oil, it does not stain clothes of the person opening the windows. Also, a lubricant stays on the window for a long period thus making it more effective.

2. Clean the Frames Regularly

Using a sponge mop and soapy water, clean the frames once every few months. By so doing, you want to remove any foreign thing stuck to them that can cause stains or long-lasting damage on them. Also, do not forget to clean the gaskets to remove chemicals that can cause the rubber to be effective for only a short period.

3. Make Sure That Screws Are Tight and Not Excessively Corroded

All screws must be tight, and those that are corroded should be removed and replaced with new rivets. If you allow the screws to crumble,  you will not be able to remove the lock system without causing a lot of mess. Screws are not expensive and replacing them is not difficult. These screws have a gauge thread that is larger than the old ones and thus can fit tighter than the old screws.

If you want to save yourself a bundle in terms of money, clean and service your commercial glazed windows on a regular basis. Hiring a professional window cleaners to clean all your windows that are out of your reach is a good idea for your safety.